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Hey there, product peeps.

We’re back with a better, faster, smarter version of our email app Courier. We spent 6 months working with beta testers to hone our summarization technology and we’re hoping you’ll give it a shot.

Super duper changes in 1.0:
– Servers will no longer fall down when you shoot them the side-eye, a brisk wind picks up, or you call them names. (Besides, who does that? Why would you call a server names? What’s wrong with you? Precious Penelope is a beautiful, intelligent, and scalable AWS instance.)
– Higher quality NLP summaries via processing over 12 million emails. We really appreciate everyone from the beta pool who helped feed the gremlin (I know you’re out there reading this. 80% of you came from PH). We’ve spent a really long time working on getting this right.
– Rethought the entire compose experience with a focus on speed and ease of use. It’s 200% better on my Much Better™ scale.
– Fixed 400+ bugs and feature enhancements
– Added more illuminati jokes because shipping anything with AI in it in the current social climate is scary and when I get scared I laugh; it’s that or cry. Jokes seem like a better idea. Seriously, Zuck? You’re not helping with my anxiety.

Courier is currently optimized for English and available to US, CA, NZ, UK, and AU Gmail and Gmail for Businesses users.

– Russ Smith


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