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You wake up to find yourself in a room — The Room — where everyone is a liar, you might be a murderer, and your only friend is a disembodied voice who hates you and calls herself Thursday. 

None of that really matters though. 

You have a handful of minutes to escape, but there is no escape, not for you. You’re trapped. Full stop. It’s all very, very sad. 

That’s OK, this was never really about you.

Find the password, open the door, save some lives, make new friends, kill those friends, write your story, find meaning in the madness.

This Room will kill you, and that’s the whole point.

The game includes:

  1. Multiple, wildly different endings.
  2. A pretty cool soundtrack.
  3. Choices that mostly matter!
  4. A Story with words and feelings. 
  5. Puzzles and ciphers and things!
  6. Dozens of ways to die.
  7. A larger than average amount of replayability.


Most Everything – Steve Spalding

Awesome CG Art – Tithi Luadthong

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