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Register your home on hidsi, even if it’s not for sell, and receive offers that you will love to accept

Access homes that are off-market, and find the one that fit all your expectations.

1. The home owner defines à minimum price for his home, related to willingness to sell. This price is not visible for buyers
2. The interested buyer defines the price that he would be willing to pay for the home
3. If the two prices match, we put you in contact so that you can realize your respective projects

For home owners:

Take time to sell your home at the best price:
Too often, selling your home is a race against time. You must sell quickly and sometimes you have to make important concessions. hidsi allows you to anticipate the sale of your home and gives you the time to get the best price from it

Best assess your home attractiveness:
We send you all the useful info that we collect for your home, your area, your city. That way, even if you don’t sell through us, you will have benefited from our service

Make your home’s sale the starting point of your projects:
Registering your home on hidsi is like buying a lottery ticket, (but it’s free). Once done, dream of all the projects you could realize by selling at the best price: buy bigger, change life, it’s up to you

For buyers:

Access all homes that are not available within the traditional real estate market:
The traditional real estate agents only propose the homes explicitly for sale. This is less than 10% of the potential market. hidsi is the first platform to address the 90% of homes that are today not available for you!

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