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Baremetrics was started over four years ago as a way to scratch an itch I had about easily answering business questions. How much MRR do I have? What’s my user churn rate? Who are my most valuable customers?

That’s great on a high level, but to really grow your company you need to dig deeper.

Baremetrics Segmentation gives you that ability to dig deep in to your data in ways that were previously impossible and is a major step towards being able to use Baremetrics to answer any questions you have about your business.

Segmentation starts out with your Customers, where you build up segments based on dozens of available customer attributes.

From there, you can then use those Segments as a lens for many other parts of your data including all of your subscription metrics, MRR Growth and Churn Cohort tables.

This is a feature where the possibilities are actually limitless. Nearly any question you have about your customers and data can be answered with Segmentation.

A few ideas for ways to dig in to your customer base…
• Compare LTV of B2B vs B2C customers
• Breakout MRR based on Country
• View Churn based on amount of funding received
• See how much MRR is tied up in delinquent customers
• View delinquency based on free email address usage
• Compare LTV based on business sector (health care, energy, IT, etc)

We’ve been working on this for a long time and this lays the groundwork for even more powerful insights here in the coming weeks and months. 🙂

Give it a go! It’s included in all Baremetrics plans:

– Josh Pigford


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