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Hey PH,

I wanted to learn more about crypto and the Coinbase API, so I just started building and ended up with this. It’s all just a bit of fun.

Most of the transactions you see on there at the moment are clearly test transactions created by me (using actual Ether transfers). I couldn’t get the Coinbase webhook to work properly for a couple of days, but then it worked for every previous transaction, and what you see on the site was the result (every test transaction being published!) 👊

The main thing I learned from building this is that Bitcoin has high transaction fees. Initially I was going to make this for Bitcoin, not Ether, but every Bitcoin transaction at the moment basically costs around $10 to be done in any reasonable timeframe. Ethereum is around $0.30. My experience is limited to Coinbase in this regard, so feel free to correct me.

Another huge challenge was the fact that Coinbase doesn’t have a sandbox to test transactions. This caused a headache for me because you can’t transfer from your own address to your own address – I had to use a familymember’s Coinbase account (which triggered 2FA every time I wanted to develop this!). Another big challenge was getting the webhook working – the only way to truly test is in live, which obviously isn’t ideal.

What could I add to this to make it a killer side project?! Any suggestions?


– Joe Tannorella


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